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Moving CP/M Software to Disk

I was having a discussion on Facebook about getting CP/M software onto diskette for use with the Adam. There are a number of ways to do it:

  1. If you have a PC that can write 5 1/4″ DSDD diskettes you can use DCOPY and a disk image
  2. If you have the VDD you can copy the image to a micro-SD and then create an Adam disk (if you have a disk drive) or a ddp, though if you have it on VDD why make a disk?
  3. If you have a serial card you can use a CP/M terminal program, a null modem cable and a PC to transfer the software. If you don’t have a terminal program you can modify PIP to do it for you, I will post details on this in the future
  4. Finally if you have the IDE/Compact Flash adapter you can do it this way:

Copying Files to Real Disk / Tape using TDOS and the IDE/CF

I am going to describe a process to move CP/M files from disk images to a real media using the IDE/CF and TDOS. To do this you need the following:

  • A PC that can read your compact flash card
  • The program called HDDRawCopy (click here)
  • The ADAM Emulator (click here) with a copy of the boot image for accessing the compact flash

Step 1

Open and install the HDDRawCopy tool. Then insert your compact flash into the PC and run HDDRawCopy. Once its running copy your compact flash to an image on the PC.

Step 2

Using Adam 2018 attach the CF image using Configuration / IDE images. Then attach the IDE Hard Disk System image as Disk 1 and the CP/M disk containing the program you want as Disk 2.

Step 3

Start the emulator and when the HD menu comes up select TDOS. Now inside of TDOS copy the files that are on the CP/M disk image to a TDOS directory. Exit the emulator.

Step 4

Now using HDDRawCopy copy the image to a compact flash card. I suggest not using your original card.

Now if you start up TDOS on the Adam you can then copy the files to a real disk or tape. I I know this is overly simplified but it is not that hard to do once you have done it a few times. Let me know if this helps or if you need more help in the comments below.

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