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I was having a discussion on Facebook about getting CP/M software onto diskette for use with the Adam. There are a number of ways to do it: If you have a PC that can write 5 1/4″ DSDD diskettes you can use DCOPY and a disk image If you have the VDD you can copy […]

Category: Software

I spend time today working on a Smart Key interface in machine language that would look and act like the interface in Smart WRITER. I am building the primitive routines so that I can use them in other programs. Originally I balked at the corny interface that Coleco had created for Smart WRITER and then […]

Category: Software

The DDP verifier is a program I wrote in Z80 machine language that will attempt to load all 256 blocks from tape and if not will let you know that it could not load the block. It does not do any writing to the tape, it just verifies that all blocks are readable. The ML […]

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