Replacement Power Supply

If you are looking to dump the printer and use a newer power supply you can use this one from Jameco (RQ-50B). I have made a number of them so far. It is very easy to do if you are willing to sacrifice the power cable from the printer (click here for a video on making your own cable). Just cut the two cables off the printer and then wire them up according to the photo on the left. I use a power strip for the on and off switch.

Fixing a Bad Video Screen

If you come across an Adam that has a lot of static, sound issues, or no display on either channel 3 or 4 there is a simple fix for this. It requires opening up the system to get to the Colecovision board. To do this:

  1. Unplug the memory console from everything
  2. Remove the expansion slot cover
  3. Remove any cards in the expansion slot
  4. Unhook and remove any digital drives and empty drive face plates
  5. Turn over system and remove the 4 screws that hold on the face plate and the 8 screws in the recesses on the bottom
  6. Flip back over and remove the face plate and the top cover
  7. Now that you have the system open remove the 2 reset buttons, they just slide off and then remove the screws holding the top RF shield in place
  8. Towards the back of the Colecovision board you will see a metal box. This is the RF Modulator. Pop off the metal cover and you will see this circuit board

For the next step you will need a plastic screwdriver. A metal one will conduct electricity and can short out your computer.

Once you have the screwdriver, reconnect your Adam to the TV, plug in the keyboard and hook up the power supply from the printer then turn it on.

Using the plastic screwdriver, slowly adjust the Channel “B” alignment screw clock wise or counter clockwise till you have a good signal on both channel 3 and 4.

To adjust the audio we need some sound. The best thing to use if you have one is a game cartridge that plays music when you turn it on. Put one in the Adam and pull the right reset to start the cartridge. Now using the Audio subcarrier alignment screw you can turn it a little clock wise or counter clockwise to fix the sound.

Once you have done all this you can unplug everything and put it back together.

Warning Labels

completelabelIf you are restoring your Adam you may want to replace missing or worn out labels. Here is a pdf containing the top cover label that you can print out on a shipping label (Avery 5163). There are a few characters in the font that are not exact, but they are close enough not to matter considering the other option is a ugly label or none. You can trim the excess off the label, leave about 1/8″ all around the box.

Replacement Adam Keyboard Cable

rj11After a little research I realized that the keyboard cable is not wired like most cables.

Standard six wire phone cable:

1 ------> 1
2 ------> 2
3 ------> 3
4 ------> 4
5 ------> 5
6 ------> 6

Adam keyboard cable:

1 ------> 6
2 ------> 5
3 ------> 4
4 ------> 3
5 ------> 2
6 ------> 1

I had to make a new cable for an Adam that I purchased that didn’t have one and wiring it like this just fine.