Coleco SmartBASIC V1.0

A Coleco ADAM Blog


The theme used on this site is a heavily modified version of a theme called Commodore which was designed to look like the Commodore 64.

I have made many modifications to make this theme look like a mix between SmartWRITER and SmartBASIC. If you look at the bottom of each page you will see a menu that is similar to the Smart Key menu in SmartWRITER. There are also some hidden things that you may not notice immediately. On the right side of each page below the “INPUT search$” you will see a blinking cursor. Type in any test to search for and it will display the results in a SmartBASIC catalog format, or give an “Illegal Command” error if no matches are found. The catalog has a few features in it too. The “A” files are blog posts, the “H” files are static pages. The number of blocks field contains the actual size of the text content in the post. Instead of telling you how many blocks are left, it will tell you how many matches found. There are other hidden things on the site you will come across.


© William "Milli" Hicks