64mb Smart Basic Disk Image

In a recent post I gave a quick update on creating a 64MB disk image that I was then able to copy to microSD card and then running a quick program I made that initialized the image to be 64MB in size I could access it on the Adam using microfox’s VDD.

I have since done more testing experimenting and I was able to get a copy of Smart Basic onto the image and have it boot from the image and have access to the whole 64mb. This involved a few steps:

  1. open up the new image in FileManager and using the edit block function look at block 1, the directory block, and see what values it had for total blocks on disk, in this case FFFFh (65535) and how many blocks left, FDFFh (65533)
  2. open up an image of smart basic and look at its directory block, its total blocks was A000h (160) and blocks left after having basic as 7A00h (122)
  3. now I used the block copy feature to copy the 160kb smart basic image to the 65mb blank image. When done the image is still 65mb but the directory block on the image only reports back a 160kb image size
  4. now using file manager again I go into block 1, the directory block of the 65mb image and change A000h to FFFFh and after the blocks left I changed &A00h for E5FFh, this is FFFFh – 26, the number of blocks used by smart basic
  5. after these changes i saved them to the image and then rebooted

Here is the image to download – and it does work in the AdamEM emulator also! (BTW it is 64mb, I typed 65mb in Smart Basic)

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  1. Nice job! Will def play around with this one.

    Instead of going thru all the editing of the directory block, couldn’t you have just copied the BASICPGM file from the 160k disk to the 64Mb disk image and then copy only the BOOT block (block #0) from the 160k to the 64mb?

    I’ll play around with it to confirm because the ADAM is pretty leanant as far as media size and adjusting the Blocks Free.

    1. No because backup+ nor filemanager would update the blocks left – backup+ had no clue, filemanager maxed out at 1.44mb

      1. Did you try the version of File Manager that comes with the CF Card and is configured for Hard Drives. I’ll have to test as well, but might not work either seeing as Disk 1 and 2 probably max out at 1.44mb.

  2. BTW… you’re gonna want to increase the directory size of the 64mb image… 1K directory = 37 file slots (actually 35 cause 1 for BOOT and 1 for directory), 2K = 74, 3K = 111, etc. on up to a maximum of an 8K directory max if I recall correctly. Discussed all this on my IDE CF Card instructions.

  3. How about the version of File Manager that is supplied on the IDE CF Card? Probably will get same result seeing as the Disk Drives will max out at 1.44mb.

    1. Yes unfortunately it has the drive size built into it. It can handle directories up to 6 blocks in size when krunching, but not when copying, as far as I can determine

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