Coleco Adam Replacement Power Supply Project

Front of power supply – click for larger image

Update: These are now available! Click here for details

I am currently in the process of finishing up a replacement power supply for the Adam. It uses a proven power supply that I have been using on the Adam for the past 2 years and other off the shelf components to make a very sleek replacement power supply for the Adam. This will be available September 2018 through Retro System Rescue with a list price around $99 depending on the price of the components. If you are interested please leave a comment telling me how many you are interested in so I can get a rough idea how many to make in the initial build.

Back of power supply, click for larger image

The replacement power supply will also have the following features:

  • Lighted on / off switch
  • 2 Adam Net ports
    plug in disk drives and /or the microFox VDD, eliminate daisy chaining
  • Printer plug
    plug in the Adam printer and be able to use it as a printer and not a power supply (this is accomplished by only passing the data lines to the printer, printer still needs to be plugged into the wall)
Power Supply

If you wish you can also wire the microFox VDD and / or the microFox CF / IDE to the power supply and eliminate the need for the additional power supplies they use.


Here is the initial wiring diagram for the power supply.

16 Replies to “Coleco Adam Replacement Power Supply Project”

  1. I’ll buy one. Being able to wire the VDD to the PS is a big help. I currently turn my ADAM on by plugging an extension cord in that has my home made PS and VDD both plugged into it.

  2. Put me.down for one. This looks good. I’ll probably never use it as I actually like having the complete system hooked up, but it looks too good to pass up. Nice work!

    1. This proposed Power Supply includes an ADAM Printer connection, so plug the beige 9-pin cord from the ADAM Printer into this Power Supply and then plug the 9-pin cord from the Power Supply into the Memory Console. As is listed above, you then plug the black power cord on the back of the Printer into a power outlet… the Power Supply does not power the Printer.

      1. Correct. The power supply will not have a connection for the power lines coming from the printer, only the data lines. This lets you still use the printer as long as the printer is plugged into the wall so iut has power. Nice little feature 🙂

  3. My space is limited, so it is hard to have the Adam set up due to the size of the Printer. This would be fantastic and allow me to have the Adam set up all the time!

    Is there an ETA on when these might be available/released?

    1. They should start shipping mid September, I am building a few in the next few weeks to finalize the process and then I will take orders.

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