Debug.Asm – Z80 Development Tool

If you are going to be doing any serious z80 programming then you will quickly find a need for this program. It is code that you can include at the end of your z80 source code and then call it with a simple JP CodeDump command. When you do this it will show you the values of all the registers when it was called and let you move around memory starting at the value you put in the source code at CD_CurLoc.  The only caveat is that you need to be in 32 column mode when you enter it. Any other mode will be hard if not impossible to read.


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  1. The A and F register’s do not display correctly on entry. IN the CD_RegDump routine change:

    push af
    pop hl


    push af
    pop de
    ld h,e
    ld l,d

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