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  1. I’ve never seen images of most of those and between NIAD and myself, we have images of just about everything that was ever archived. They may be lost to the ages…

  2. As Joe said, we archived just about everything there is but there are some titles that we never had or came across. You should send Bob Slopsema / Adamcon a message to see if he has any of these.

    Also, a number of these ADAMzao titles were never finished and/or released by Eric Danz.

  3. Whoops, should be Adultware Software Co. as listed in the ad. ADAMzap Software was Eric’s other ADAM software company.

  4. Back in the day I had ADAMzone Publishing and ADAMzap Software. Yes, some of those titles I programmed myself. Others I licensed from other programmers and resold under my brands. Most of them were text based games. Not sure who Adultware Software came from. I still have masters of those programs.

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