Importing Files

If you use your Adam at all eventually you will want to import software or files from a PC into either a image for use in an emulator or onto real media. To do this is easy if you follow these few steps and use WRDISK.


WRDISK is a MS-DOS program written in 1996 by Marcel de Kogel and is included in the quickImport.ZIP file at the bottom of this article. There are many other utilities in this zip file by Marcel that you should check out. Type in the name of the program and it will give you a usage screen. WRDISK allows you to write PC files to an existing disk or tape image. Once you have the files in an image you can then use them in the AdamEm emulator or copy them to real media.

I have supplied a batch file, import.bat, that will make it easy to import into a tape image. The import.bat file contains the following:

del do.ddp
copy blank.ddp do.ddp
wrdisk -t do.ddp -type 48 %1

The first line deletes any old do.ddp tape image that may be in the folder as WRDISK has an issue of replacing files that are already in an image. The next line copies the blank tape image to do.ddp. The final line calls WRDISK, tells it to work with a tape image (-t) using the file do.ddp and that the file we are putting in it is binary (48) (H in Adam Speak) and the %1 is replaced by the file name you pass. So if you called it with:

import wrdisk.exe

It would make a new tape image called do.ddp with the file wrdisk.exe in it. If you want to import an ASCII file replace the 48 in the batch file with a 41. FYI the 48 is the hexadecimal value of the capital H for Hex, 41 is the hexadecimal value of the capital A for ASCII. To use this for disk images, unzip the blank media folder and replace blank.ddp with the diskette.dsk file, change blank.ddp to diskette.dsk and change do.ddp to do.dsk in the import.bat file. Also change the -t to -d so WRDISK knows you are doing a tape.


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  1. See, this is exactly the kind of article we need. I had no idea how to do this. I still have to get the hardware to do this, but it’s good to know that when I do I can hit the ground running. Thanks again, Milli!

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