Importing Files Into TDOS

Look here for a better (and much faster) way to do this.

I am in the process of import hundreds of files into TDOS (CP/M replacement) that is installed on a Compact Flash that I use on my Adam via the CF / IDE adapter. This process involves many steps:

  1. Copying disk images to 3 1/2″ floppy and moving them to an older 286 I have
  2. Creating actual 5 1/4″ floppies from these images using DCOPY
  3. Copying the files from floppy to the hard drive on the 286 using 22DISK
  4. Archiving the files using PKARC
  5. Copying the Archives back to 3 1/2″ and then to thumb drive on my Win 7 machine
  6. Uploading the files via Kermit batch mode on the PC using Tera Term or Hyper Term to the Adam using 7 Quick Term and a null modem cable

This is a very tedious process. I could eliminate most of the processed by using the AdamEm emulator and a an image of the Compact Flash but to access the CF image you need to run the windows version of AdamEM and it runs at actual Coleco Adam speed, and archiving files at real speed is VERY slow. So this is actually faster. I did learn that I can use a program I have Marcel de Kogel that will copy files from PC to tape images and then using TDOS’s Eos/Tdos file conversion program I can eliminate the file transferring via Kermit – so this has increased the speed tremendously. If you have any suggestions on speeding things up let me know.

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